An Affordable High-performance Scale-out Solution

Designed with the Customer in Mind

Best in Industry Performance-to-Cost with Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction.


Enterprise-level proprietary software suite provides a highly reliable, massively scalable solution to accelerate performance, even on complex HPC workloads.                                    

Fast Deployment and Easy Management

After preconfiguring and testing you can install hundreds of TBs of storage in minutes, while the centralized management GUI can configure, manage and monitor clusters. One administrator can easily manage PB level capacity.

~2 GB/s Aggregated Throughput per Node

1 PB cluster with 10 GbE connectivity, using dual network cards, 7 storage nodes each with 4U 36 drives 4 TB SATA disks can provide 12-15 GB/s throughput. This results in millions of file operations per second.

No Single Point
of Failure

Data replicas are placed across storage nodes. Automatic failure-detecting mechanism provides the highest level of data availability during disk, server, or even network failures. With no single point of failure, Online data recovery becomes much faster than RAID with no downtime.

Scale Capacity to Hundreds of PB

Expand capacity on-demand and online, without interruption of work operations, with single storage volumes of up to 300 PB.

Data Intensive Metadata Cluster Technology

Separate metadata and data nodes enabe efficient handling of both large files (>10 GB) and small files (kb-sized).

Great TCO

Affordable and reliable solutions with various hardware options on storage nodes. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.