Technical Specifications

Product Hardware Specification

Scala Storage Scale Out Clustered Storage is a scalable storage solution designed to resolve current storage requirements of unstructured data. Intended for large-scale, data-intensive, high concurrency applications, Scala Storage developed a fully POSIX-compliant parallel file system (ScalaFS) and other software components to tackle the most demanding, mission critical environments and applications.

Scala Storage Scale-Out Solutions provides the best price and performance storage solution, with its pay as you grow model, predictable linear performance growth, and easy management for lower TCO. Scala Storage has proven customer successes in Internet, oil & gas, life sciences & bioinformatics, media & entertainment, video surveillance, education and government for high performance computer (HPC) storage solutions.

Product Highlights

  • Performance Linear Scale-Out Solutions
  • Increase capacity within the same namespace
  • Auto-Load Balance
  • Preventive Failure Detection with Auto Self-healing
  • Start with 144TBs to hundreds of PBs of storage
  • Energy efficient
  • Easily managable
  • Scala Storage Hardware Specifications:

  • MetaData Controller (MDS)
  • Intelligent Storage Node (iStore)
  • Network Switches

  • MetaData Controller (MDS)

    Scala Storage Scale-Out Solutions use a minimum of 2 (up to 128) MDS depending on the number of files in the storage system. MDS stores critical information about the data store in iStore. Metadata is distributed across multiple metadata servers to provide high redundancy.

    Intelligent Storage Node (iStore)

    Scala Storage iStore stores data and provides I/O services directly to application servers. Data is replicated and distributed across multiple iStores to maintain high availability and performance. There is a minimum of 3 iStores with no limit on the maximum amount.

    Network Switches

    Network Switch provides interconnections between MetaData Controllers (MDS) and Storage Nodes (iStore). This network switch also connects to application servers performing MetaData updates and actual data transfers. Scala Storage uses an industry standard 10G interconnection, in either 10G Base-T Ethernet or SFP+ in 24 ports or 48 ports. Infiniband is also available.

    MetaData Controller Hardware Specification

    iStore Node Hardware Specification

    Data Network Switches Hardware Specification